Our Beginning

Global 505 began as a project of the New Mexico Asian Family Center in recognition that there needed to be more intentionality in bringing together the immigrant and refugee movements in Albuquerque. We hope to learn from one another and uplift each other, and by accomplishing those things, build power together.

“What we need are intentional spaces and opportunities to build beloved community together in a way that respects our cultures, histories, and values.”

—Kay Bounkeua, Executive Director, NMAFC

Today, Global 505 has evolved to become a community space to share events, create a united response on issues concerning our communities, and take strategic action as needs arise. Global 505 believes in developing and fostering genuine and authentic relationships between organizations and among diverse communities through culturally tailored activities and programs. Our vision is to act as an organic collective that helps to build bridges of support for our community through leveraging and sharing resources as opposed to being driven by competition over scarcity. We look towards the assets of our cultures, and rely on the beauty of building beloved community. Founded in 2015, Global 505 operates out of Albuquerque, New Mexico and is open to everyone.

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Global 505 unites immigrant and refugee leaders working across Albuquerque and representing global voices including Asian, African, Arab, Muslim, and Latino populations into an action-oriented network

—Global 505 Mission

Our Goals

In 2016, immigrant and refugee serving organizations working within Albuquerque came together to create a shared vision as well as goals of Global 505 based on what we know to be true about our communities.


Individuals who are limited English proficient


Individuals who are foreign born


Families who are living at or below poverty level

— We Strive To —

Share resources, reduce duplication of efforts, and bring power to systemic initiatives that work towards increasing secure families in New Mexico by increasing access to support networks and community resources

Convene a network of immigrant and refugee providers, advocates, and community leaders to increase access to resources for these communities by providing guidance and support to entities working to serve these communities – especially those with a high level of limited English proficiency and newcomers

Provide across the board mentorship for both community organizations and leaders by sharing and utilizing existing resources and available trainings

Building visibility of the global community both internally and externally in order to shift power so that immigrants and refugees can speak for and represent themselves

Being intentional in leveraging resources for all our communities

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Get Involved

We are currently looking for individuals with a background in research, writing, or media who are willing to provide in-kind hours to support our Health Impact Assessment. We also welcome immigrants and refugees who are looking to get more involved in the community through leadership and engagement.

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