Anti-Racism Day

About Anti-Racism Day

Every year, NM Health Equity Working Group through the Deconstructing Racism Committee coordinates and hosts Anti-Racism day for the state of New Mexico. This year, it occurred on January 31st, 2017. This committee focuses on creating systems level change through proposed memorials or bills that call on all state agencies to assess their own policies and structures to ensure that they are utilizing an anti-racist lens within every level of their work. On Anti-Racism Day itself, community members from all across New Mexico gather at the Santa Fe Rotunda to share stories of how racism has impacted them while calling on all representatives to take a stance against inequities perpetrated through racist policies.

Additional Resources

For youth who are interested in submitting an essay or art entry for Anti-Racism Day with the chance to formally present your work at the Santa Fe Capitol, please see the guidelines.

To read the Governor’s Proclamation of Anti-Racism day, please click on the following link.

For those who are interested in signing on to our anti-racism pledge, or for those just looking to learn more about how they can get involved in the movement, please see the following resource.

Breaking Bread Series

About Our Breaking Bread Series

In 2016, Global 505 initiated our first series of Breaking Bread Gatherings focused on building trust among immigrant and refugee serving providers and advocates. Understanding that our movements can only be united if we have genuine and authentic relationships, we came together to intentional share stories to support cross-racial learning while providing insight to our individual organizations on how to better improve programs and services for the communities we serve. We also created strategy on how to uplift a culture of organizing and mobilizing that occurs intersectionally.

How Breaking Bread Works

Global 505 partners such as Refugee Well-Being Project, United Voices for Refugee Rights, Encuentro, El Centro de Igualdad y Derechos, Together 4 Brothers, Neighbors United ABQ, NM Dream Team, Women’s Global Pathways, CVNMEF –Juntos: Our Air, Our Water, and Catholic Charities came together to design a five part series to learn more about Asian, Latino, Muslim, and African communities. This was done by using story telling and food as a medium, where meetings were hosted in sacred spaces within each of our communities and where we gathered to create a shared analysis of the needs, strengths, and realities of working within immigrant and refugee communities across Albuquerque. This was the first stage in creating beloved community, with the acknowledgement that our next series needed to be led by our immigrant and refugee families with which we work with as opposed to just being hosted by the directors of our various organizations.

Capacity Building

About Capacity Building

The Mccune Charitable Foundation of New Mexico provided funding to support capacity building for Global 505. Through this initiative, Global 505 partners worked together on a monthly basis to define the structure, mission, vision, and goals of this network. Through this process, we created a shared foundation and analysis of our work with the hope of creating a true immigrant and refugee movement that spanned across our different communities. Seeing this in action, our organizations are being more intentional on sharing best practices and leveraging support for one another. We continue to rally for causes together and rely on each other for technical assistance and leadership on issues impacting both our separate and united communities. Together, we are coming closer to building our beloved community.

How It Works

Global 505 members’ capacity range from grassroots operations, to long-standing organizations. Capacity building allowed us to create a digital hub in order to raise awareness of our initiative while also allowing for resource sharing and a more streamlined referral network between partners.

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