Health Impact Assessment

About Our Health Impact Assessment

Global 505 is partnering with New Mexico Health Equity Partnership on a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) to support data collection in collaboration with our immigrant and refugee communities to influence policy change within Albuquerque to ensure that our children and families are given every opportunity to thrive and succeed. Because there is very little accessible data specific on our immigrant and refugee populations, this data will be collected by our communities, for our communities, and owned by our communities.

How It Works

Screening: Within the next year, we will be convening a series of cross-cultural story sharing gatherings to identify the specific policy our families would like to see influenced by an HIA. The HIA will use a lens to improve health outcomes for immigrant and refugee children (ages 0-8). Support through NMHEP will ensure that our process is feasible, timely, and will ultimately add value to our communities.

Scoping: During this process, we will create a work plan, community engagement plan, media plan, and timeline for conducting an HIA that defines priority issues, research questions, pathway diagrams, methods, and participant roles.

Assessment: We will also conduct a literature review and collect community data and narratives through community conversations in order to better understand the baseline health conditions of the community. Following this, we will evaluate potential health impacts of the proposed policy using quantitative and qualitative research methods and data.

Recommendations: We will then develop practical solutions that can be implemented within the proposed policy or plan being assessed.

Reporting: Most importantly, we will creatively disseminate the findings to decision makers, stakeholders and communities in a format that is compelling and accessible.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Finally, we will monitor and ensure that the recommendations are made as well as provide follow up to see if there have been any changes in health due to our policy change.

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