Capacity Building

About Capacity Building

The Mccune Charitable Foundation of New Mexico provided funding to support capacity building for Global 505. Through this initiative, Global 505 partners worked together on a monthly basis to define the structure, mission, vision, and goals of this network. Through this process, we created a shared foundation and analysis of our work with the hope of creating a true immigrant and refugee movement that spanned across our different communities. Seeing this in action, our organizations are being more intentional on sharing best practices and leveraging support for one another. We continue to rally for causes together and rely on each other for technical assistance and leadership on issues impacting both our separate and united communities. Together, we are coming closer to building our beloved community.

How It Works

Global 505 members’ capacity range from grassroots operations, to long-standing organizations. Capacity building allowed us to create a digital hub in order to raise awareness of our initiative while also allowing for resource sharing and a more streamlined referral network between partners.